Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife Review

Pros: Very stylish and attractive than most of the EDC knives. Suitable for all kinds of people, comes with SpeedSafe technology. And the impressive support Kershaw gives for this knife. All of this makes this knife unique to other ones available in market.
Cons: The spring-assist didn’t work well for few people, and the smooth handle tends to slip away from our grip which may create a disaster. Other than this the Knife is indeed too good.

Kershaw 1660 Leek is one of the famous knife designs made by Kenneth Onion for Kershaw. Kershaw knives have allied itself with many independent and custom knife makers to design and manufacture knives. Kenneth Onion aka Ken Onion have designed a lot of models and came up with splendid features to be incorporated in pocket knives. The SpeedSafe assisted opening technology was designed and perfected by Ken Onion, currently most of the Kershaw premium knives have SpeedSafe technology. The Leek series from Kershaw is very famous among knife enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals. Out of the other models from Kershaw, this leek 1660 stands apart for numerous reasons.

Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife


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Kershaw 1660 Leek, specs!

Blade length: is 3 inches (7.6cm).

Knife Overall Length: is 7 inches (17.9cm).

Knife length when closed: is 4 inches (10.3cm).

Total Weight: is 3 ounces (85g).

Materials used in the blade: is 410 Stainless steel with bead-blasted finish handle.

This small and compact knife is loved by all for its simple and elegant design. The materials used in the knife is completely of great and durable quality, including the screws. The knife weights only 3ounce making it the best lightest pocketknife to have. Most of the Kershaw products have their blade and handle coated with same material, which makes the knife visually appealing. The Kershaw 1660 Leek out of all, looks sexy and is as powerful as a beast, no wonder this knife was a best seller and took its place in Kershaw’s hall of fame.

The Blade

Kershaw 1660 Leek folded

Kershaw 1660 Leek has its blade made out of Sandvik 14C28N. Known for its hardness and high corrosion resistance, 14C28N also has a splendid edge performance. Sandvik steels are usually a mixture of one or more elements. The blade is very strong, having greater edge stability. Re-sharpening of the edge is easy with common tools. The blade is coated with bead-blast, giving the blade a silver-ish color and smooth edge. Unlike the Kershaw 1605CKTST this pocket knife is made entirely out of steel.

The Kershaw 1660 Leek has the sharpest blade ever, reviewed by many users. And indeed the edge is too sharp, cutting through all kind of medium and things. The 3-inch blade may restrict cutting of few things of bigger size. But all in all, the blade is more than enough for general purpose and makes Kershaw 1660 an ultimate EDC. The deployment of the blade is strikingly fast because of its size and the SpeedSafe technology. The flipper in the top of the handle or the thumbstud can be pulled or pushed respectively to get the blade into action. SpeedSafe ensures safety and easiness while doing it. It’s handle is designed very similar to the famous Buck 110FG.

The handle

Kershaw uses Stainless steel in most of the models to provide a stronger and long lasting functionality. That being said Kershaw 1600’s handle is completely made of 410 Stainless Steel, making the knife overall durable. The knife can withstand a whole lot of pressure on it. Making it a subtle choice as EDC. The surface of the handle is smooth and likely to have less grip overall.

However the jimping provided at both sides at the end of the blade and the thumb stud comes in handy. But it won’t suffice enough when used in a wet environment. The knife comes with standard pocket clip that can be reversed according to the needs with the help of the extra holes given in the handle. The clip has “Kershaw” engraved in it, giving the pocket knife a brand look.

The locking mechanism

Kershaw folding knifeFor holding the blade in its right place without making any fuss, and to be strong enough to withstand pressure, Kershaw uses frame lock, something which can be found in most of the Kershaw models. This is a simple working in which a part of the handle places itself behind the blade when it’s open, locking the blade from closing. This frame lock is enough to hold the blade straight, even while working with some toughest materials. The strength of the lock depends on the handle material. Since 410 Stainless steel is hard, this lock will prove to be fail proof.

Our final verdict on Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding knife

With limited time warranty on the product and life time free sharpening, it is so much Kershaw offers for a splendid pocketknife. This attractive knife is also sought by women who love the stylish design. The knife is USA made, with promising quality and assurance. No matter how many pocketknives you have in your collection, there will always be enough space for Kershaw 1660. This compact knife will always be on our best pick.

Buck 110BRS Knife Review

Pros: The ergonomic design, made in USA with utmost quality, and Buck’s forever warranty kicks in as pros for this knife. The sharpness of the knife is the main feature, it will slice through the toughest leather. It is the best-selling knife on Amazon so you know you will be getting the best EDC knife.
Cons: However, this knife is not as good as the old classic Buck 110, the blade is wobbly when extended and the another minor problem is with the sheath, users have reported.

Buck 110BRS Knife, specs!

Buck Knives is one of the premium knife maker based in Idaho. Which started as a small family business, out of Hoyt Buck’s passion, now has transformed into a very famous trademark in knife industry. Buck Knives have invented many technique that can be seen in common knives these days. Buck Knives strives to keep the company’s standards by not compromising on quality, even after incorporating various technologies and method in making knife. That’s the reason why Buck knives stand apart from other Knife manufacturers. In additional to the supreme quality knives, they also give a forever warranty on their knives.
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Buck is the only company to offer such a reliable and assuring warranty for its products. Other manufacturers give only limited warranty or lifetime warranty for select knives. Buck knives have marked its unshakable place in the knife industry. Mostly sought by hunters, adventurers, professionals and knife enthusiasts for their collection, give or take – Buck Knives is the most loved knife brand out there!

Blade length: is 3.75inches (9.5cm).

Knife Overall Length: is 8.625inches (21.90cm).

Knife length when closed: is 4.87inches (12.37cm).

Total Weight: 7.2ounces (205gm).

Materials used in the blade: is 420HC Stainless Steel with Natural wood-grain handle.

After the Buck Knives officially got incorporated, the company rolled a unique folding hunting knife with rigid locking mechanism. The knife’s design was something new and different when it was released. It became huge hit that more than 15 million of these knives have now been sold worldwide. Also it is the most duplicated design of all time, numerous manufacturer started to copy the design and produce the same knife. But as always, Buck’s quality was unmatched till now. This knife was none other than the famous “Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter”, following the same design and features we have Buck 110BRS (Brass Straight Blade) which does the same wonder that got started nearly 50 years back. The Knife is pretty much same when compared to Buck 110FG in terms of size, but with plain design. The Brass Straight Blade differentiates it from the 110FG and the price differs as well.

The Blade

Buck 110BRS handleLike most of the Buck knives, this knife too comes with standard 420 Higher Carbon Stainless Steel. This is a pretty good steel for regular works and everyday utility. The chemical composition makes it robust enough to bear maximum abuse. The blade also got fair amount of edge retention and stability. Sharpening of this Clip point blade is easy and provides a clean experience while cutting, slicing and chopping. The Clip point makes piercing smooth and powerful. With right amount of belly, the blade can exert right amount of pressure while in action. The blade is razor sharp out of box and has small portion of thumb stand near the handle, for extra gripping and support. This blade is proved to last in all kinds of environment, be it dry or wet, we loved it more then the Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS.

The handle

The Buck Model 110 Folding hunter was so famous for the ergonomic stylish handle in 1962, the same happens even now the handle is the most attractive part of this knife. The handle is made out of polished brass bolsters with natural wood-grain, this bolsters give a premium look when coupled with the wood-grain. Buck have used this same concept for few other knives and all of them are equally famous and sought after. The handle by default comes with 4 rivets in the wood-grain and no finger grooves. The polished handle ages beautifully, it rarely wear out, if it does then forever warranty kicks-in. The handle is strong enough and gives maximum comfort while used. When closed, the knife is small and compact making its way in our pocket or pouch with ease. The weight of the handle is perfect making this knife, a best EDC option.

The locking mechanism

Buck 110 Folding Hunter folded

Buck specializes in manufacturing the best lock back mechanism in market, they also pioneered in it. This folding hunter comes with a nail notch lock-back mechanism that gives smooth opening of blade and locks it firmly in the position. The blade never had any play during all activities, ensuring the style being maintained. This locking mechanism is very similar to the Smith & Wesson CH0014 tactical folding knife.

Our final verdict on the Buck 110BRS

This knife was designed to hold up the legacy of classic Buck 110, in my point of view it does a fair amount of justice to it, although could have improved in few places. And to celebrate 50th year anniversary for Buck 110, all the knives manufactures in the year 2014 comes with an emblem on the handle that says “1964 50 years”. This knife for the quality and performance, became one of our best pick.

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