Best Pocket Knife of 2017 Reviews

best pocket knives

Today we are going to have a look at the many uses of “pocket knives“. Whether you’re interested in pocket knives as a collection hobby or a tool for your day to day activities, or even for protection, this article will help you succumb to all your needs. We are going to provide you with in-depth reviews of the best pocket knife ideal just for you!

Some may say, why carry a pocket knife? Isn’t it dangerous? Well, what people don’t realise is that a pocket knife has multiple uses other than self-defence. You could take your knife with you camping, so you can cut rope for a tent, or even if you’re doing some home DIY stuff. Pocket knives are very handy and portable and you get cool pocket knives that can go on your key chain, we have a range of pocket knife reviews under one site. From the best folding knife to top of the range combat knives, we are experts in the knives field. Let us look into answering, what is the best pocket knife?

Top 5 pocket knife reviews

PictureModelTypeBlade Length
Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek

Buck 110 Folding HunterFixed4.7"
Benchmade 940 OsborneFolding 3.4"
Benchmade Griptilian knifeFolding 3.4"
Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS

Folding 4.4"
Benchmade Mini BarrageFolding 2.9"
Smith & Wesson CH0014 tactical Fixed3.2"
Bear Grylls Folding SheathFolding 3.6"

Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife

The Kershaw Leek produces brilliant quality of pocket knives, dazzled with elegance for the holder’s eye. They are factory fitted and come with a speedy yet safe and standard ambidextrous assisted opening system. This system helps the user when you need to get the blade out more quickly, at the same time it also insures that it provides you with the well needed safety while drawing the blade out. This knife is mostly useful in cases when you need to use one hand. Whether you are left or right handed, it can be easily operated with just one hand. The leek knife lets its user deploy the blade with one hand. This knife is very ideal for anyone who enjoys the splendour of the outdoors, as mentioned in our full review for the Kershaw 1660 leek knife.

Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife

Whether you’re doing some fishing, hunting and setting up an overnight base camp, or even while working in particular situations where one hand opening is most useful. The handle is Bead-blasted stainless steel, which will provide you with a longer life, avoiding rust and other stains on your handle. The Kershaw Leek Knife is not only durable but also very useful for a wide range of other applications. Its small size of approximately four inches and extremely light weight makes it extremely portable and adds on to its alluring properties.

Kershaw folding knife

This type of knife is for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and should be carried along with anyone who plans to accomplish tasks in an outdoor setting or even in the workplace when needing to make a quick cut of a wire or rope. Combined with the well-crafted handle and the stainless steel material, it is a great quality product that can take you a long way. The one handed usage along with its quick draw technology will come in hand in a vast amount of circumstances. This particular knife is well recommended by us and is a must have for anyone who enjoys owning a sturdy, useful pocket knife and so we recommend it as the best pocket knife.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Buck knives are well known for their great quality knives and by far the best pocket knife brands in the market. With over 100 years of experience, anyone who decides to purchase one of these knives knows that they are receiving the best. Buck believes that the performance of a good knife like the buck 110, depends on the correct type of steel used. The soul of the blade is derived from heat treating technology ensuring that each knife is a lot stronger. The buck 110 uses state of the art technologies to make their blades strong and efficient.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter

The Buck 110 uses a 3 inch 420 HC steel clip blade, ensuring that you have a strong sharp blade to accomplish daily tasks and comes in handy when you need your pocket knife most. The Buck 110 weighs a small weight of 7.2 ounces adding on to its portability feature. The buck knives come with a factory fitting with an extremely stylish yet durable handle as well. The dymonwood grained handle is made from pure materials. The polished brass bolsters add an extra style quotient to the knife. The handle being strong and stylish ensures you efficiency while usage and the sleek yet elegant design make you a proud owner.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter folded

The Buck knives also come with a very useful accessory. They include a genuine leather sheath which makes sure that you are carrying your knife in a safe yet stylish manner. Like all buck knives, the buck 101 includes a lifetime warranty, and is manufactured only in the USA. The lifetime warranty offered by the company shows its customers that they strongly advocate for trust and durability. The users don’t have to fear about the quality or lifetime of the product while investing in a Buck 101 knife.

Benchmade 940 Osborne Design Knife

The Benchmade 940 Osborne introduces a refreshing design form which exemplifies what custom knives from warren Osborne are derived from. Osborne believes that the functionality and durability of a knife are the two key factors for out pocket knife reviews we measure, which must be regarded above all during manufacture. The Benchmade 940 Osborne incorporates these values and also includes an axis trade locking mechanism for safety purposes. This also ensures that the 940 functions properly and provides that functional smoothness proving the purity of their design and values of the company. The 940’s modified reverse tanto blade shape, manufactured using 30v stainless steel ensures the grandest quality and provides sturdiness to the blade.

Benchmade 940 Osborne Design Knife

It features a dual thumb opening system for a much safer and simpler ambidextrous accessing system. The 940 handle design is not to miss either. It has a much slender design than most others. The handle includes a slight curvature and recessed contours for an even extra grip and extra stability during usage. These handles are machine built using aluminium which is anodised with deep colours. The handle scales are rich in a green colour, sparked with a colour anodized in titanium back spacer for higher durability. The liners of the 940 help to provide extra solid function for the Axis locking mechanism. Subtle finger treads for better blade control are also incorporated in this flawless design. We loved reviewing the Benchmade 940 Osborne Knife.

Benchmade 940 Osborne folded

The stainless steel carry clip is equipped such that it is movable to either side of the handle, making the 940 a completely ambidextrous cutting tool. Its contemporary design along with its innovative functionality and quality make this knife an exciting and alluring commodity in the market today. Every feature of the knife, including the blade, handle, design, functionality and features, boast quality. Its sleek design makes it a great tool for any knife owner. Also, its small size and light weight make it easily portable. Overall quality and ease of use is what makes the 940 one of the best pocket knife around.

Benchmade Griptilian knife

The Benchmade Griptilian knife is one of benchmade’s most renowned of classical knife designs of all time and so is the final best pocket knife we recommend. This pocket knife is ergonomic for all users and lovers of knives. It sports an extremely light weight handle design. This knife is designed particularly for easy portability and for every day usage. It comes in varying blade sizes and different magnificent colours, so now one can choose from a wide range. Like most great quality benchmade designs this great knife is no exception to that profound quality. The axis locking mechanisms with ambidextrous technology are other key features of this particular knife.

Benchmade Griptilian knife

The dual thumb stud opener ensures even more functionality and safety. The blades of these knives are made of extremely high quality materials. Its 154cm stainless steel blade is made from the toughest of materials, ensuring the sharpest blades and ultimate durability. The handle material is also pristine and of high quality, all which defines the manufacturer’s values. The Griptilian’s handle comes with a wide range of eye catching colours. The colors vary from Black to Noryl GTX to even the manufactures own colour named Grivory. The stainless steel liners and the reversible steel clip systems are made from a very durable material as well. These are designed and made with 420J stainless steel, which ensures that these knives outlast all the others.

Benchmade Griptilian knife folded

Its infallible properties make these knives have an unmatched function and design in the market. The simplicity of a moulded handles design makes the knife safe and reliable. It also provides an efficient performance due to its thumb rotation property and is easily affordable by all. Its ambidextrous feature also adds to its talents, making it even more desirable. Any person can easily rely on this knife in various scenarios and it will prove to be of great usage as well as help in your day to day life. One can blindly believe in its quality based on the manufacturer’s reputation and can trust that once he or she owns a knife like this, has the best of the best, we loved the knife that we have a full review of the Benchmade Griptilian.

Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS

Smith and Wesson is a world renowned manufacturer of the best quality of not only knives, but also other weapons and rescue devices. The knives manufactured by this company are used for rescue and safety purposes. It is mainly used by people employed in the army or rescue services. This great multifunctional knife is extra tough, and is much durable than any other knife that there is. It has a sleek and powerful looking design. The knife boasts a heavy duty design, which is exactly what it is meant for.

The heavy duty liner lock configuration is geared to handle the kind of difficult situations and work that anyone would expect from a rescue knife. It has a much larger blade which is over 4 inches long, which makes it a perfect knife for tactical situations. It is also a great knife for any first responders that encounter an emergency. The knife cuts through seatbelts and glass quickly and safely. Many times a user can get a little leery of a heavier liner lock knife, but there is no problem while attempting to battening and chopping wood with the border guard. The razor sharp blade is not matched by any other pocket knife. Read our full review for a more in-depth look into the Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS.

The 4034 stainless steel is used to make the blades of these knives which attributes to its strength and all-purpose quality. It integrated with a safety belt cutter and glass cutting system, which again makes this knife unmatched and completely needed for anyone who may encounter a tough situation. Whoever needs to respond quickly and easily, should own this knife which is completely reliable during any sort of emergency. The aluminium handle is light and effective. The border guard 2 is not only effective in its uses but is also very light, making the effectiveness of this knife highly optimum. This is a great knife and is a must have for all who indulge in various dangerous outdoor activities and tasks. It also is featured on our best EDC knife guide.

Steps in Finding the Best Pocket Knife

1. Locking Blade or Not – This type of blade’s purpose is designed for combat situation, therefore you need the Best Combat Knife as you need the blade to be quickly drawn, mainly for self-defence purposes. The locking blade is not allowed on certain commercial flights. It is considered more of a weapon than a tool. Although the locking blade is not much longer than most other Pocket Knives, it is foldable, and very compact to store.
So if you’re doing day to day things like opening an envelope or cutting twine, slicing up a piece of fruit, this could be a very useful tool. A knife like this could easily be used to save someone’s life too. Performing an emergency tracheotomy provided you have the right amount of training is a solid example which supports the purpose of carrying a pocket knife.

all-pocketknifes2. Opening mechanism or not? – When you buy the best pocket knife, it is of utmost importance to own one with a good locking mechanism in order to keep oneself safe from getting cut or even cutting others by mistake. The pocket knives blade swings open to a 180 Degree angle (best assisted opening knives), and the sharp blade needs to be locked into place for much safer cutting techniques.

The same could be said for closing or folding knifes that should be in closed position when not in use. If you are fairly new to pocket knives, you might want to consider how the pocket knife opens. And to best suit your day to day needs. These pocket knives though are a boon in several day to day situations, need to be handled with care and made sure are locked properly. If you are looked for a fixed knife, we recommend you read our best fixed blade knife article.

3. Pocket Knife Handle material – The material that constitutes the handles of pocket knives vary based on the knife and its price. Let’s have a good look at them now. Abalone uses a natural material, made from the shell of a mollusc. It has a very appealing look to it, but is not always as durable as other knives. Aluminium is extremely durable and it provides a very solid feel during operation and not to mention this material is much lighter than other solid metals.


Bone handles are usually taken from animals that have been naturally deceased. These handles are generally given a surface texture for stronger grip. Mother of Pearl, are of two types – “Mother Of Pearl” black and white. Each one of these pearls enhances the look of the pocket knives by a great deal and the handle gives the knife a very classy look and feel. Carbon Fibre has been proven to be very durable. The most appealing thing about carbon fibre is that is reflects light, which makes the knife handle have a weave pattern under the light.

Your choice in a pocket knife can vary based on your need, if you’re looking for a knife which is light to carry and durable, aluminium or carbon fibre is strongly recommended. Whereas if you believe in having a classy, good looking knife, an abalone, mother of pearl or even a bone handle life should be your choice.

4. Style of Knife – Traditional Folding pocket Knives are considered “Old School” as these knives are reliable and are made of materials that are proven to work. These types of knives are also used as a collector’s item as well. Assisted opening folding pocket knives give you the option of conventional opening or very fast opening. These types of knives are designed for durability. Tactical Folding Knives are designed to be carried discreetly and are specifically designed to be stronger than most other pocket knives. Overall, the military style handle and blade looks very classy and operational. Gentlemen’s Pocket Knives are more like a fashionable accessory and can be employed to cut fruits, open letters, etc. We also have reviewed the best throwing knives.

pocket-knives5. Knife Brands – There are several great brands of pocket knives out there today. Some of them offer better quality or more durability than others. The best pocket knife brands are Benchmade, Buck, Gerber, Kershaw and Spyderco. It’s easy to get lost and confused in all these different brands of knives. Over the next part of article, we will be delving into the different types of brands available in the market today and which one is more suitable for you. We will also be weighing in all the different pros and cons of these different knife brands and name a few we shall be looking at. We have some top brands reviewed on our best EDC knife 2017 article.

Buck Knives have over 100 years of experience, Being an old brand, Buck sells its knives proudly providing all their customers with 4 years of warranty which instils a sense of trust in the mind of the buyer. Spyderco Knives are a lot different from the usual style of pocket knives, some may even call them peculiar. Their unusual style and design make them very catchy and are not for everyone’s taste. Gerber Knives can be dated back to almost 1910. Being around for a century, the knives manufactured by this company boast high quality which includes a smooth opening and closing mechanism along with razor sharp blades.

Types of pocket knives:

Single Bladed Knives – These single bladed knives advocate strength and durability. It’s easy and efficient usage is what makes it a desirable knife and should be owned by almost everyone in case of any sort of emergency or even usage in day to day activities. Why not read our article on the best bowie knife or our best boot knife articles, they feature single bladed pocket knives.

Multi Blade – These multi blade pocket knives are designed in order to serve various needs such as electrical work, and other day to day electronics. This type of knife has multiple blades, usually in different shapes or cutting sizes which makes it very versatile and also easy to use in different scenarios based on the need of the user. They are one of the best pocket knifes around. Have a look around our pocket knife reviews, we have a lot for you!

blade types

Plain Edge – A plain edge differs from the other knives. A plainer edged pocket knife cannot be used for wood or rope usage. It is said the plain edge knives are sharper, which is not usually the case. The sharpness of the knife is measured based on the task that has to be accomplished by the user.

Fully Serrated Blades – These knives are incorporated with blades which cut through any sort of tough material. The mechanics of its usage is what makes the blade of the knife sturdier and better for usage. Application of higher pressure makes the blade thinner on hard surfaces and thus helps better penetration through them than plain edged knives. The blades of these knives are also completely serrated adding to the pros as well as cons of usage of these types of knives.

Partially Serrated Edge – This type of blade is recommended for someone who wishes to enjoy the best of both. This blade is designed to take on both jobs of the fully serrated as well as plain edged blades. We recommended the Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife, a great EDC knife for hunting.

So as we can see, a pocket knife is not only for the pocket knife enthusiast. But also show warrant for anyone who needs a tool that can assist you on the go. Whether you are an active camper, a person who works with wire or rope and strings, or even someone who needs to open a large amount of letters in a day; these knives can prove to be of great advantage to own and use. Even if someone just wishes to collect them as a hobby, they are a great conversational starter as well as a cool and fun community to become a part of.

We recommend you first read our pocket knives buyer’s guide, a great place to start! We have a range of pocket knife reviews so be sure to read them.