Best EDC Knife 2017

pocket knife is one of those tools that have been known to be helpful in a range of ways.  It can be used to either meet one’s daily needs, or to keep one prepared for an unexpected situation.The abbreviation EDC here stands for Every Day Carry knives, which means that this article concentrates on some of the most versatile and convenient knives that are easier to carry around for everyday purpose.

These days EDC knives are a growing movement to optimize the best gear for a person to carry with them at all times. Possessing an Every Day Carry knife makes various everyday tasks easier and also proves to be an advantage in nearly any survival situation.There are a wide range of EDC’s available in the market, and which EDC you decide to settle on will be a matter of personal preference. We help you choose the best EDC knife 2017. Read More

Best Folding Knife of 2017

Folding or pocket knives are by meaning, a usual purpose tool. Folding knives are designed in a way that they can easily slide into your pants pocket hence providing easy access and transport. To say folding knives are one of the most useful tools known to mankind will be no exaggeration. For hundreds of years, they’ve helped us in hunting, box cutting, fishing, usual kitchen chores, and accomplish countless other tasks—from the mundane to the life changing, however only the best folding knife should do.

In this article we have listed out some of the best folding knives in the market, and we have also broken down some aspects that you need to keep in mind while buying a folding knife. Read More

Cool Pocket Knives Guide

Most of us are very passionate about pocket knives, but choosing the right pocket knife all depends on what one will be using it for. We would recommend a few different types of pocket knives, but at the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours. Whether you need a knife for camping, fishing or even self-defence, in these cases one should pick out a knife that will able to fit the job at hand. Maybe you are looking for the best bowie knife?

Several customers are more into the exterior looks of a knife; well we have several options in that case too. Several brands of knives offer looks as well as efficiency without compromising with the affordable price and quality of the knives. So what we are talking about in short is that there are several cool looking pocket knives out in the market today, as well as knives that can get all of your jobs done, that can provide you with great quality and all round durability. All that you will need for every day carry; you just have to choose which one suits your requirements. Read More

Best Pocket Knife of 2017 Reviews

Best Pocket Knife of 2017 Reviews

Today we are going to have a look at the many uses of “pocket knives“. Whether you’re interested in pocket knives as a collection hobby or a tool for your day to day activities, or even for protection, this article will help you succumb to all your needs. We are going to provide you with in-depth reviews of the best pocket knife ideal just for you!

Some may say, why carry a pocket knife? Isn’t it dangerous? Well, what people don’t realise is that a pocket knife has multiple uses other than self-defence. You could take your knife with you camping, so you can cut rope for a tent, or even if you’re doing some home DIY stuff. Pocket knives are very handy and portable and you get cool pocket knives that can go on your key chain, we have a range of pocket knife reviews under one site. From the best folding knife to top of the range combat knives, we are experts in the knives field. Let us look into answering, what is the best pocket knife? Read More