Cool Pocket Knives Guide

Most of us are very passionate about pocket knives, but choosing the right pocket knife all depends on what one will be using it for. We would recommend a few different types of pocket knives, but at the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours. Whether you need a knife for camping, fishing or even self-defence, in these cases one should pick out a knife that will able to fit the job at hand. Maybe you are looking for the best bowie knife?

Several customers are more into the exterior looks of a knife; well we have several options in that case too. Several brands of knives offer looks as well as efficiency without compromising with the affordable price and quality of the knives. So what we are talking about in short is that there are several cool looking pocket knives out in the market today, as well as knives that can get all of your jobs done, that can provide you with great quality and all round durability. All that you will need for every day carry; you just have to choose which one suits your requirements.

Top 8 Cool Pocket Knives

Boker Plus Subcom Black Knife

First out of the gate, is the Boker Subcom Folding knife. This cool knife focuses its strength on portability and durability, built to last, and designed to provide the user with all of the necessary features that they will need while using a knife. Although the all-round look of this knife is great, it sports a tactical style and feels like a full size pocket knife.

Just by looking at it, you can see that it is a great little tool, for all purposes, which might present themselves to you. It is made of great materials, and will be able to suit anyone, who needs a great quality EDC knife, with a great look. The blade length, is a portable but highly deadly, 1.875 inches. But do not be fooled; the blade edge is designed to be partially serrated.

This means, that apart from the sharp front end of the blade, the serrated edge, can do chopping, or more intense cutting that you might need to do. The handle is made from, fibreglass nylon, which has been proven to last and to also give the user, much more grip. When the knife is close, it is a small, nice size of only , 2.625 inches , which in any EDC requirements, is a must have.

Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus Pocket Knife

Further down we take a look at the Victorinox Midnight Manager. This would be included to the same knife family as that, but possibly the older brother of that knife. The champion plus is quite similar but sports a few other features, and accessories to make it different and too its own. Whereas the main focus of this knife is for the camper, fishing enthusiast.

A complete arsenal of Swiss army tools are included in this great knife. These in turn have sixty different individual parts that all provide an extra edge for the outdoors men. Unfortunately with this knife, it does not include a pliers as a part of its tool kit. However it does include: various screwdriver, can and bottle openers, files, various hooks, saws, and even much more. All of these great accessories are housed world-famous Swiss army knife body.

The handle is made of nylon and has an aluminium frame. This great knife was also crafted and designed in Switzerland, so anyone who buys this, knows that they are getting the best. The total knife measures in at Three and a Half inches and sports a lifetime warranty. This makes an all-round great tool to own, better then the original Victorinox Swiss Army Climber II Pocket Knife.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools TF1-CP Trident Knife

The powerful but silver knife has minimalistic approach that has made it very portable. And will not take up that much room in your pocket or wallet or even a ballistic or bullet proof vest. It could even be worn around your neck. Where size is key, this knife comes into play not compromising with the efficiency.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools TF1-CP


This straight edge blade is 2.75 inches and sports a VG10 steel type of material. This folding knife has a clip point shape that has an extremely great look to it with its black tactical finish. User friendliness is key here with the knife being able to be opened and closed all with a swift one handed opening system. That also locks securely with its Arc-lock locking technology. This knife size but also durable materials make it an anti-corrosion, long term multi purpose pocket knife that also sports a cool looking style to it.

The handle is also great and uses stainless steel to help complete the look, but also provides that anti corrode black finish using stainless steel. The warranty included in the SOG is also well suited for anyone, with the lifetime warranty, you will be able to take comfort in knowing, that you have received one of the best knives that your money can buy, at a very affordable price, we loved it so much we reviewed it on our best boot knife article.

Kershaw 1605CKTST

We have seen plenty of great Kershaw knives in the past. Their growing popularity is of much to be desired by a knife creator. They always stand behind all of their products, but also somehow always find a new way to bring something new to knife world. And once again, this is what we have before us.

The black clash folding knife, not only looks awesome, but is also compact in its size and is very useful in a vast number of activities. It like most of Kershaw other knives, are made with the toughest of materials. So next up I give you the Kershaw Black Clash Serrated Folding knife. The steel used in the black clash is very tough and highly durable. It sports a black oxide coating that really does complete the look of the blade.

With its partial two step serration, the user will not have any problem, achieving any task that will be thrown at it, being it cutting fruit or rope this should not be a problem. The handle is fitted with glass filled nylon, and includes a tip up or tip down pocket clip for extra safety. Speed Safe locking system provides you with all the safety needed with a liner lock locking system assisting it. We recommend you read our review on the Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife we reviewed the knife and gave it 5 stars.

Victorinox Midnite Manager

This next knife, to be plainly put is one of the coolest looking, most useful, camping and amazing pocket knife, I have ever seen. Of course each to their own, but the Victorinox is a multi functional knife, that has pretty much every tool you will ever need. It has a huge arsenal of gadgets and different blades, all thought up, so that its carrier will only need one knife to carry at all times.

So let’s have a look at all of these fantastic features, that are all included in this knife, and we would also like to mention, that this knife comes in a red and blue colour, to fit everyone’s suited needs. The victoinox has a built in LED mini white light, which will be very useful, when working in dark situations. There are stainless steel tolls which are: blade, Scissors, Bottle opener, magnetic Phillips screwdriver, even a retractable ball point pen is all inclusive in here.

All of the tools used are rust proof and are made of stainless steel and are also protected by aluminium alloy separators. The knife’s total size is 2 and a half inches long. It is also crafted with great precision in Switzerland, and sports a lifetime warranty.

Tac Force TF-705GY

Many of us have gone through a number of knives in our day, but this is a good one and is also affordable. It sports a smooth and soft finish. It has a great weight to it, and the spring assist all works well. The overall feel to it is sturdy and highly durable. It is sharp out of the box. The overall knife is not very bulky, it is well balanced.

Some users have said this could be one the sharpest knives they have ever used. Although it is very affordable, they have not been querulous out on the level of quality used in the creation of the knife. The Tic Force Liner lock system is high class carbon steel. The stainless steel assisted opening system helps produce the partially serrated blade. The blade is a drop point blade, which we know is quite the favourite these days.

The thumb slot and extended tang, also has a lashing whole, improving the all-round performance of the knife. The block styled handles also have grooves that are drilled into it, giving it an original design. Stainless pocket clip with slot cut out design helps to keep the knife safe and makes its very portable. The black blade and red handles make it have a very sporty but original design.

Magnum Bulldog Knife

If you are looking for an inexpensive every day carry knife with a cool look to it, that can endure all of the punishment or emergency that you might deal out, look no further than the magnum bulldog. This pocket knife is a very strong one, and is well suited to accomplish any heavy tasks.

Magnum Bulldog Knife

This knife breaks away from all of the others, so if you are looking for something new, but also something you can trust, the Bulldog will be able to to assist you in all of your needs. Many users have called it a utility knife. And from what we have seen, we can’t disagree with them. Out of the box it is sharp and ready for action.

The blade length is a whopping 3.5 inches, which is quite huge when we we are looking at smaller Every Day Carry Knives. The plain Edge Blade is used for slicing the user’s way to anything. Nothing flashy in the knifes design, but this is where we should go when returning to the basics. The handle is made using ultra durable G10 Materials which has proven to last a lot longer than a lot of other knives.

WarTech USA Batman Knife

We all know him, we all love him, and Of course I am talking about Batman. He defends the streets of Gotham, and saves us from the bad guys who which want to harm and dirty up our streets. This next knife we are going to look at is not only a collector’s item, but is also one of the coolest knives I have ever seen.

WarTech USA Batman Knife
WarTech USA Batman Knife

This caters to anyone who wants to be a part of the elite force that protects our world, or if you would just like to own something to make your friends completely jealous. Obviously the logic here is that two blades are better than one. The WarTech USA Batman Knife, is designed to be used on a two blade operation system. The blades both have their own locking systems, and these blades have doubled the amount of slicing power.

The assisted opening system is great for anyone and provides with all the safety and durability needed for operation. The liner locks, hold the blades in place, when opened. Each of the blades have three inches of cutting edge for a total of a whopping six inches. It also has a pocket clip for much easier carry and safety.

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