It’s My Blogiversary!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since I entered the world of food blogging. What’s even more hard to believe is the amount of change that this blog has seen over the last year. I’ve met lots of great, inspiring people along the way, tried lots of great recipes, had my first Daring Bakers’ Challenge and had a few failures. I’ve moved to my own domain name, created some of my own graphics (they may be basic, but still!) and even joined Twitter. It’s also scary to admit how horrible my pictures used to be — but most importantly, there’s been improvement! But most of all, I’ve had a blast with this thing, and hopefully the coming year(s) will be just as great!

I’ve learned a lot about cooking, photography and even some elements of Web design. I’ve discovered a passion for photography, and decided that someday I’m going to be a Web designer for a living. This blog has done so much more for me than I ever expected, including getting me a foot in the door as a food critic, winning an award and making the FoodBuzz Top 9 (multiple times…thanks for the votes, everyone!).

It’s been a great year of trying new recipes, reading great blogs and writing my own. Thanks to everyone who’s followed me since the beginning, and thanks to everyone who’s come along for the ride over the last few months. You guys mean a lot to me. The food blogging community is great, and I’m glad to be a part of it! :) So, in the spirit of my earlier days, until next time, happy eating! Ciao.

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  1. Happy Blogiversary!

  2. Happy 1st year! I am so glad that I found your blog, and I’m always inspired by your work here!

  3. Super congrats on your 1st year! I remember my Blogiversary back in January and I was just as excited and stunned how the year flew and the wonderful connections I’d made. Good times!

  4. Happy Blogiversary, the time goes really fast when you are having fun. Right?

  5. Congratulations!
    A year goes by in no time when you’re doing something you enjoy, doesn’t it?

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