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Green Chili Risotto

I’ve lived in New Mexico all my life, so green chili is pretty much a staple to me. Since Billy is a transplant, he seems to think that New Mexican’s use green chili for way too many things (like pizza and beer). Never the less, when we were out to eat a few weeks ago […]

Chicken Tikka Masala

One of the things I’ve loved most since becoming a part of the blogging community is meeting other foodies and getting great ideas from all you wonderful cooks out there. Carrie over at Our Life in Food posted a few weeks ago about an Indian dish her and her husband tried. Her picture literally made […]

Grandma Alice's Cabbage Rolls (and Grape Leaves)

Cabbage Roll, Pre-Roll

There are certain family traditions and meals that were a staple in our families as kids that we simply will never be able to duplicate in exactly the same way. While my parents and I found Saturday’s cooking experiment both fun and delicious, Billy just didn’t get the results he wanted. I guess nothing is […]


Billy coring the squash

For those of you who don’t already know…Billy is half Arabic. As he got older and started taking an interest in cooking, he made a point to learn how to cook his great-grandma’s and grandma’s famous Arabic dishes. Let me tell you…it’s a good thing he did! This particular recipe probably isn’t something you would […]

Rolled Tacos with Mexican Rice

Tacos: Post-Frying

Sunday morning we were going about our weekend morning tradition of relaxing, cooking breakfast and watching Food Network when Paula Dean came on. I’m not usually a fan of Paula Dean (sorry Southerners), but Sunday was an exception. Well, sort of. Paula had a “guest chef,” that I had never heard of, on her show […]