Smith & Wesson CH0014 tactical folding knife Review

Pros: The biggest advantage that this knife has is the price and the quality for it. The less price creates wide market. Such a quality knife for lesser price, everyone will now have a reason to have a pocket knife. The knife will last for 2+ years, with no doubt.
Cons: In regard with the price, Smith & Wesson have given the best, but however the blade could have been little be easier to open and close manually. And the product is manufactured in China, making few people question about the quality. The same model if manufactured with different blade material in USA, will surely hit the charts off.

Smith & Wesson CH0014 tactical folding knife, specs!

The Smith & Wesson CH0014 tactical folding knife stands way apart from the other knives. Smith & Wesson managed to give a powerful hand tool for a lesser price in the market. With a jaw dropping price of less than $10, Smith & Wesson pulled it off perfectly. The Massachusetts based Smith & Wesson are known internationally for their weapons and firearm manufacturing. Infact many law enforcement agencies and police departments use Smith & Wesson’s revolvers and pistols as their default firearm. The pistols from this company is also widely used by professional sports shooters.

Smith & Wesson CH0014 tactical folding knife

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Blade length: is 3.1inch (7.87cm).

Handle Length: is 4.5inch (11.43cm).

Total Weight: is 4.8ounces (136.078gram).

Materials used in the blade: 400 series stainless steel  and Aluminum.

From one of the least known manufacturing unit of Smith & Wesson, we have a tactical folding knife that have attracted lots of user for its durability, design, less-weight and more importantly, the price! The major focus of Smith & Wesson was always the pistols and other firearm equipment, as well as their accessories. For instance the pocket knife manufacturing is not known popularly with all the other major brands like Kershaw, Buck, and Spyderco taking the lead in pocket knife industry. But this marvel handheld tool is sure to stir things around. After first few models, the pocket knives from Smith & Wesson had bad build quality. But CH0014 is considered as one of the robust and strong pocket knife for such less price. It was featured on our Best EDC knife guide.

The Blade

Smith & Wesson CH0014 pointing

Our CH0014’s blade is built with 400 series stainless steel. Being very easy to sharpen and corrosion resistant, many knife manufacturers use 400 Stainless Steel in their low budget knives. The blade is very easy to clean, and the most interesting fact of this material is, it is resistant to deterioration. So there is no doubt in blade’s expectancy. The blade is so sharp and cuts through most of the things. The blade is designed in a way to allow smooth cutting, the tip of the blade can hold a lot of pressure because of its geometry. Poking into thick materials to break it, is no longer a tough job. The size of the blade also plays an important role in the delivery of power, when looked at that aspect, CH0014 comes in the right size, making its way into all things, cutting them through with its sharp edges. Not to forget, CH0014 comes with a thumb stud in the top corner, which allows users to open the blade in one hand. It’s as unique as the Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife.

The Handle

With most companies giving plastic handles for their top end pocket knives, Smith & Wesson have managed to give a 4.5inch aluminum handle for the least price possible. The handle is shaped perfect with a good jimping that catches the thumb well.  The ergonomically designed handle, feels so perfect and light when held in our palm, reducing the pain and stress of holding the knife for long. Two screws on top holds the handle intact. The handle also has a hole in the end to attach itself to a chain or something. The handle also features a clip at one side that allows the user to pin it to their belt or pocket. This powerful pocketknife doesn’t feel a thing when it’s inside our pocket, but does the toughest jobs so easily when in our hand. It cheap as the Tac Force TF-705.

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The Locking Mechanism

Smith & Wesson CH0014 folded

The knife has liner lock frame, the knife’s mechanism is engaged when the blade is opened. Even with easy and smooth motion of the knife, the blade didn’t shake or tend to be loose. This robust locking mechanism makes sure that the knife doesn’t get closed while in use. It shuts very similar to the Spyderco Civilian.

Our verdict on the Smith & Wesson CH0014

Without any questions, this is one the best pocket knife you will ever get for such a less price. Now seeing the price, the aluminum handle, 400 Stainless Steel known for its hardness, gives a glimpse of what we get for our $10. Definitely a best buy. Smith & Wesson have turned the tables for the mid-range knife companies. The quality of this product, though manufactured in China, is more than enough for such an investment. Smith & Wesson is back in business, and a lot can be expected in the coming years from them.

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Smith & Wesson CH0014 tactical folding knife
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